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GS-6060 automatic octagonal box making machine
GS-6060 automatic octagonal box making machine

1. Features:

1) This machine uses the hot melt glue to make up box replace of making box by hand , which make octagonal box automatically and easily.

2) It adopts unique forming structure, solve problem of manual making ,which making octagonal box automatically.

3) The machine adopts automatic Omron PLC touching screen which display data, operate and control system cleanly, and also display fault detection and alarm. It forming box one time autoamtically.

4) The octagonal box making machine speed can be 15-25pcs/min, which improve box making efficiency and make high precision and beautiful box

5) This machine adopts two boards box making crafts. it use microcomputer to control the bottom plate and rounding plate to make up the box, which greatly saves the cost of raw materials.

6) The machine adopts the downdraught feeding, which can feed baseboard and rounding plate with non-stop machine and achieve continuous production.

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