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CS-450AT automatic visual type embossing machine
CS-450AT automatic visual type embossing machine

一、 用途 Features and functions:

1.CS-AT450 全自动视觉凹凸机是专门为解决现有凹凸工艺 中套位不准,凹凸层次不够立体,凹凸精准度受前工序累计 误差影响等问题而开发的一款在盒子成型后,再用视觉图像 定位做击凹凸的专用设备。

CS-AT450 Fully automatic visual embossing machine is specially designed to solve problems existing concave-convex processes, like register not precisely, concave and convex level is not three-dimensional, concave and convex accuracy by the previous process accumulated Error effects and other problems. It embosses on a finished box after forming, then use visual images to position and then embossing and dembossing.

2.本机采用 CCD 影像定位系统,自动光学校准图像和边缘偏 差,套印凹凸精准度不受印刷等前道各工序累计误差影响,产品精度达到±0.15mm。 It adopts CCD vision position system,automatic optical lever pictures and edge correct ,which make the precision wont affect by the the former working procedure and the precion can be +-0.15mm.

3.更丰富的立体凹凸层次,根据纸品图像特点和表面艺术效果需要,凹凸铜版深度可选择(1.0-4.0)mm。 It make three-dimensional bump more lively. The bump can be from 1mm to 4 mm according to the picture and surface art effective.

4. 盒子成型后再进行击凹凸,有效减少前道各工序影响凹凸效果的衰减.It make the process at the last part which can reduce the affects from the former working procedure.


This equipment is mainly used for the production of mobile phone box, shoe box, tea box, wine box, moon cake boxes, gift boxes and other high-end cardboard boxes.

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