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    In recent years, carton printing carton production enterprises widely used water-based printing slot machines, making flexo printing slotting machine market to the rapid development. Medium and small enterprises' demand for carton production equipment, is a production of the products, enterprise size and economic strength of the decision. Therefore, the production of packaging and printing machinery enterprises must be treated separately, and strive not only to meet the large-scale production of high-grade cardboard product demand, but also to meet the production requirements of middle and low carton SMEs, high, medium and low overall product development.

    Demand printing slotting machine positioning
    First, affordable products to meet small carton business. Most SMEs are three factory to buy cardboard carton production, the products a single, low-volume, color less, most choose to buy monochrome, color flexo printing slotting machine or a printer without the slot, and generally choose lower prices manual or electric chain chain machine that is able to meet the demand. Even if some companies to buy three-color flexo printing slotting machine, still choose a manual or electric motor, although the school version with slow speed, but in line with actual production of three plants and has a broad market. Second, in order to meet the high-end products of large enterprises. Large carton manufacturing enterprises with annual sales of 1 billion yuan, large-scale enterprises, complex product structure, product specifications and more variety, volume, high quality requirements, the customer is the most well-known manufacturers, the need is popular with consumers high-grade cardboard. Thus, generally used in high-speed, high-precision, fully automatic flexo printing slotting die-cutting machine or a water-based printing machine, in order to achieve accurate color, colorful, strong sense of reality, cable aesthetic requirements, so that the box with the product to match.

    Trends flexo printing slotting machine
    Currently, developed countries such as USA, Japan, France, Italy, Germany and other carton manufacturing production process to achieve the two dragons, while China currently only implements a one-stop production process. Such as corrugated board production line just a few of the original backward channel technology combined corrugated board production line process, and virtually continuous production after the merger, cardboard quality has improved. Corrugated board production line processes before production, basically realized mechanization, but the procedure is still divided into printing, slotting, cutting, nail boxes, packing a few processes. Flexo printing slotting machine solves the printing, slotting, slitting, die cutting, nail me, but the package still need to be separated. Currently, one-stop production after the procedure has not been successfully developed our technology, the device is largely dependent on imports. Thus, the water-based printing slotting machine after the procedure is focusing on the development trend of future development is the development of printing, die-cutting, Nien boxes, strapping stop production process, automated, continuous production.

    Corrugated boxes ink printing process
    Common Problems and Solutions
    First, the printed white ghost and drain. These are two problems in the production process often appear. Ghosting or printed patterns around the text, because the anilox and plate caused by excessive pressure; printing the front edge of ghosting, it is because the pressure of the printing drum and the platen roller is too large to cause; large through the end of the printing area, white and leakage due to the printing roller and the platen roller is not enough pressure generated. Solve printing ghosting problem should be adjusted and the anilox roll version and the gap between the pressure (commonly known as the pressure). Ghost is because too much pressure, squeezing anilox printing plates (flexographic finger) deformation, and therefore to increase the gap between the two rollers, a corresponding reduction in pressure; solve the problem you should adjust the print version drain white roller and the platen roller and the gap between the pressure (commonly known under pressure). Since version roller and the platen roller gap is too large, the case of large-area printing to generate false, which need to increase downforce. In addition, the printing plate is not flat, Release liner, plate hardness will affect the quality of the problem described above, the adjustment should be carried out locally.

    Second, multicolor printing overprint not allowed. This is also a common problem in the printing industry. It is the result of many factors that constitute the position and precision multi-color printing slot machine itself Edition roll paper feed rollers, traction roller adjustment, traction belt use, accuracy and warping cardboard plates and other issues will be arranged have a direct impact on the overlay effect. Multicolor printing overprint are not allowed to solve the problem, first of all, each color version should be slightly larger than the previous roll a portion of some pressure, so as to enable all the pressure applied to the color equal; secondly, to adjust the front portion of each press and both rear paper feed roller and traction roller gap and location, especially when the width is too narrow cardboard. In case of partial trapping should draw on each edge of the plate plus two strips of cardboard to ensure a smooth transition during the printing process; Furthermore, due to the different degrees of corrugated board warpage, if necessary replace the board, and must ensure that smooth.
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